My WordPress installation no longer seems to be able to connect to the "WordPress Plugin Directory"

The "WordPress Events and News" section of the WordPress Dashboard shows "RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: cURL error 28: Resolving timed out after XYZ milliseconds"


Lots of installations seems to suffer from this problem, which is not specific to MAMP PRO. The error message literally means that your site tried to resolve a hostname but timed out before it got a successful answer. Changing the DNS Server(s) used in the "Network" panel of the macOS "System Preferences" to faster ones seems to work for lots of users. For example, the public DNS servers of Google have the IP addresses and, the ones from Cloudflare (a CDN) use and Other solutions range from assigning more memory to PHP (which you can do via the Template function of MAMP PRO) to installing the external Plugin "WordPress Native PHP Sessions" ( to speedup PHP executions.