How do I test my remote credentials?

The possibilities to configure a website environment are basically endless. So it may happen, that MAMP PRO’s remote featues can’t cope with certain server configurations and thus do not work just as expected.

To troubleshoot such problems, we provide you with a small PHP script with which you can easily check your server’s configuration and a few other statistics about the server’s contents. This may point you to a possible configuration issue or something else which may impinge on the functionality of the MAMP PRO’s remote features.

Confirm your remote PHP settings

The installation is pretty straightforward:

  • First, download the archive and unzip it locally. There will be two files - one called "check.php" (the actual test script itself) and another one called "check.json.php", which will be used as a configuration file for the former.

  • Then connect to your remote server, change to its document root and create a directory called ".test" there with a subdirectory called "scripts".

  • Upload the two files from the above mentioned zip archive inside into this newly created directory "scripts", so the test script it is reachable on your remote host at the path "/.test/scripts/check.php".

  • Adjust the configuration of the test script by modifying the JSON file uploaded alongside with the PHP script.

After these steps the script should be reachable by navigating to an URL like "https://MyRemoteHost/.test/scripts/check.php" in your preferred web browser (of course by replacing MyRemoteHost with the respective domain name of your website and using the "http" scheme if "https" is not available).

If you should not be able to run this script because the server does not meet the script’s minimum requirements, please contact your hosting provider to ascertain if you can adjust your server’s configuration and - if that is possible - how to do that.

Script version: 3.0.5 Publish date: 02/22/2022

Important Note

Please remove this script as soon as you ran it or protect it with some kind of access restriction (e.g. by adding a properly configured .htaccess file to this subdirectory), since it may reveal informations about your server and its configuration, which in turn could theoretically be used to exploit other security issues of third-party software products running on your server.

Successful Response

The output of this script will then look something like this:

MAMP - Remote - Test script - Output