How do I connect to MySQL with Sequel Ace?

Sequel Ace (previously Sequel Pro) is a macOS application that helps you to administer MySQL databases. Sequel Ace can be started directly from MAMP PRO. Proceed as follows:

  1. Install Sequel Ace. (You can download it here.)
  2. Start MAMP PRO.
  3. Click on the entry "MySQL" in the sidebar.
  4. Activate the "Allow network access to MySQL" option.
  5. Save the changed settings by clicking the "Save" button.
  6. Start the servers.
  7. Now click on "Sequel Ace" in the "Administer MySQL with" area.
    MAMP PRO - MySQL - Sequel Ace
  8. Save the connection as a favorite. This allows to connect to MySQL without having to setup the connection every time you want to connect.

Of course you can also start Sequel Ace directly at any time.

To establish a connection to the MySQL server of MAMP PRO proceed as follows:

  1. Start Sequel Ace.
  2. Select the connection type "TCP/IP". A database connection via socket is not possible with the version from the AppStore due to Apple’s restrictions.
  3. Enter the following connection details:

    Sequel Ace - Connect - TCP/IP

    • Name
      Enter any name for the database connection here.

      Tip: If you name the database connection "MAMP PRO" and add it to the favorites, the port of this favorite will be automatically adjusted by MAMP PRO if the MySQL port is changed by MAMP PRO.

    • Host
      This is the host name. The default host is "localhost".

    • User name
      This is your MySQL user name. Your MySQL user name will be "root" if you have not changed the default user name setup in MAMP PRO.

    • Password
      This is your MySQL password. Your MySQL password will be "root" if you have not changed the default password setup in MAMP PRO.

  4. Click on the Connect button.

Now you can use the "Choose Database" field in the upper left corner to select the desired database, and so on.

Sequel Ace - Choose Database

Sequel Ace - Database selected