I'm having problems setting up my Mac as a live server with MAMP PRO

For a server in your local network of computers on the Internet, several requirements must be met:

  1. In MAMP PRO, the host must (as an example we take 'mygreathost') that will later be
    accessible from the Internet, functioning properly. Check this by clicking in the host 
    configuration on the right arrow next to the field "Server Name" on the Hosts tab. 
    In the web browser, the host must appear.

  2. If the server is connected to the Internet via a router, then a so-called port 
    forwarding (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_forwarding) must be set on this router. 
    Other terms may be used for this such as "port sharing".

    Unfortunately, there is no universal protocol or method to set port forwarding. 
    Terminology and methods differ from router to router. 

    Example: If the server on the local network has an IP address of and is
    listening on port 8888 for Apache connections, then you need to set the router port 
    forwarding for TCP data to the address and port 8888.

    A simple test shows whether the port forwarding is working correctly: Type in the 
    address bar of a web browser, the public address of your router; Do not forget to 
    also attach the correct server port with a colon ( For this, the 
    server must be running in MAMP PRO.

    To get your public address go to http://checkip.dyn.com:8245

  3. To avoid having to enter the hard-to-remember numeric IP addresses when accessing a 
    server, the Domain Name System (DNS) was invented. It translates an easy to remember 
    name to an IP address. apple.com is 

    For a small fee Dynamic DNS providers update your server address changes, as it can 
    happen approximately every 24 hours at private DSL connections.

    Open an account with a Dynamic DNS provider and create a host, a 'mygreathost'. 
    If you take no-ip.org as a provider, then the public name of the host is 

    Then find your public IP address and enter it on the website of your Dynamic DNS 
    provider for the 'mygreathost' one.

    If you have configured everything correctly up to this point, you can reach your 
    host from the Internet: mygreathost.no-ip.org:8888

  4. The last step is simple: You enter the account details of the Dynamic DNS provider 
    in MAMP PRO in a tab "Dynamic DNS". Use correct spelling of your username and password.

    Note: The host name in MAMP PRO does not need to match the host name with a Dynamic DNS 
    provider match, but equality helps to avoid confusion.